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Designed and manufactured in New Zealand to deliver uncompromising performance in all types of logging applications. Professionally designed and built, these grapples are for the high volume application that demands the best. Huge capacity, quick acting, powerful action and long life are just a few features to improve your throughput.


  • High Strength Steel. High strength alloy steel is used throughout the frame and jaws for long lasting durability.
  • Pins. These are induction-hardened alloy steel. All pin joints also have heavy-duty hardened steel bushes — significantly lengthening pin and bearing life.
  • Tight pin tolerances reduce wear and promote long life for the induction hardened pins.
  • Optimized jaw shape for excellent multiple stem grip and holding power.
  • Wide Opening. Best in class opening widths give the user greater operating flexibility.
  • Jaws are designed to optimise performance in all areas of loading, sorting, shovelling or bunching with additional wear protection of hard facing on any high wear areas
  • 360° Continuous Rotation. High-torque hydraulic motor positions the grapple precisely for rapid sorting and loading.
  • Hydraulic Cylinders. Heavy-duty wall construction delivers durability and maximum closing power.
  • In-the-Field Servicing. All grease points, the motor and other service components are easily accessible in the field with hand tools. Service can be performed quickly, from one position, minimizing downtime.
  • Grapple is best suited to a 12 Tonne Machine.


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